Monday, December 19, 2005

Ho's for a Cause

How the hell did I miss Boston's annual Santa Speedo Run?! I've been a fan since last year, and I'm actually pretty bummed, because it looks like it was just a block from my hotel.

This run is an annual fundraiser for the Ellie Fund, a Massachusetts breast cancer charity. Since 1999, Boston dudes -- both hot and not -- have been stripping down for the greater good.

Hot men with hot packages in cold weather aside, the run reminds me of the spirit of Boston that I love so much -- a city where its people will find a way to make money for a cause by doing things like pub crawls, motorcycle rides, and near-naked streaking in winter. That's a city that I love.

[Via, predictably, Towelroad -- many more hot photos can be found over there, too. And visit the run's official site for other pics and, even, videos!]

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