Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Gift of Music

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Tis the season to be blog-whore-y...

*ahem* If you're looking for a last minute holiday gift, might I suggest a gift certificate to the iTunes Music Store? It's quick and easy to buy one, and its a great gift in this post-iPod world of ours. You can email, print, or mail your gift, ranging from anything between $10 - $200, and then the receiver can use it to buy and download anything they'd like from the online store. Pretty sweet.

I post this mostly because I'm a member of a link-affiliate program, like many other bloggers, and I'll get a small commission for whatever you buy through the above link. I also totally dig the iTMS and I'll be giving away more than a couple gift cards from there myself this season.

And if you feel so inclined (and seriously, friends and strangers, you probably shouldn't), iTMS gift certs are at the top of my own Christmas list this year.


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